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Is the other Wes Moore a true story?

The Other Wes Moore is the story of two young Baltimore boys that share the same name and a similar history, but travel down very different paths. While both grew up fatherless with troubled pasts, one became a Rhodes scholar and leader, and the other was convicted of murder and is currently serving a life sentence.

What happened in Chapter 1 of The Other Wes Moore?

Chapter 1: Is Daddy Coming with Us? (

During a game of chase with his sister Nikki, three-year-old Wes caught her for the first time. Without knowing what do to next, he punched her. His mother Joy’s angry and sudden reaction to him hitting his sister was confusing to him.

Why does Tony want to be like Wes?

I think Tony wanted to be like Wes, because he felt like he could never regain his innocence, and Wes still had his innocence. Wes wanted to be like Tony because he looked up to Tony and figured if he could make money the same way Tony did, then he would be fine.

When did the other Wes Moore take place?


What is the message of the other Wes Moore?

Friendship, Family, and Brotherhood. The book is not only a portrayal of the two Wes Moores; it is also a depiction of their families. Moore emphasizes the extent to which our families shape who we are, and stresses that without family support, most people have little chance of achieving success.

Is Wes Moore Black?

In his riveting book The Other Wes Moore, a young black Baltimore man shares his story of success and upward mobility. … But that’s only half the story. Moore also chronicles what happens to another young black Baltimore man named Wes Moore. His story isn’t as uplifting.

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Who does Wes meet at the end of Chapter 1 and how does he react?

Other wes: Who does Wes meet at the end of chapter 1 and how does he react? Wes (Inmate) meets his father while he is at his grandmothers’ house. Wes was confused and felt the tension from his mother. He was also afraid of this “man” that he had never met.

What does Wes do to Nikki that has his mother so angry?

What does Wes do to Nikki that has his mother so angry? … Wes’ mother was upset because of her past with Bill. When did his mother first come to the U.S. and where is she from.

Who is Bill in the other Wes Moore?

Bill is Joy’s first husband and the father of Nikki. They meet through the black student association at American University and quickly fall in love. However, Bill’s addiction and abuse force Joy to leave him. Mamie is Wes’s paternal grandmother.

What does Wes say made him feel like a man?

What does Wes (Author) say made him feel like a man? Wes (Author) said he felt like a man when he stopped focusing on himself and began caring about other people.

Where did Wes’s mother live before coming to the United States?


How many kids does Wes Moore have?

two children

What is the setting of the other Wes Moore?

Baltimore. Baltimore was a huge city with many different neighborhoods. Though the book mentions tourist areas and upscale areas, the primary focus is on the poor areas. This was where Wes and Moore grew up.

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