Kindle ebook gift card

Is there a gift card for Kindle books?

You can buy Kindle gift cards (digital or plastic) through Amazon’s site and app or at Amazon store locations. Kindle gift cards are valid for purchases of Kindle e-books and other digital content through Amazon. However, you cannot use them to purchase other products on Amazon, customer service representatives said.

How do you buy a Kindle book with a gift card?

Yes! You Can. Apply the gift card to your account by Going to Your Account > Gift Card Balance or Amazon Sign In . When you buy Kindle books, it will automatically pull the funds for your purchase from the gift card balance, taking precedence over added credit or debit card in your account.

Can Amazon Kindle gift cards be used for anything?

Your gift card can be used toward millions of items storewide. We hope you find something you love.

Can I share an ebook on Kindle?

Head to the Manage Your Content and Devices section of your Amazon account. Select the Show Family Library link from the Your Content tab. Select the book(s) you’d like to share with a family member, and then click Add to Library. Choose a family member, and then click OK.

Are Amazon and Kindle gift cards the same?

Yep. Anything. If it’s sold on Amazon, you can pay for it with a Gift Card. . .even if it’s actually offered by someone else. The fact that it has a picture of a Kindle on it is immaterial. . .it’s really just a credit at the store.

Is Kindle owned by Amazon?

The Amazon Kindle is a series of e-readers designed and marketed by Amazon. … All Kindle devices integrate with Kindle Store content and, as of March 2018, the store had over six million e-books available in the United States.

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How do you put money on a Kindle?

Go to Manage Your Content and Devices. From Preferences, select Edit Payment Method on the Payment Settings. Select a new payment method or add a new one, then select Continue. Enter your billing address, then select Continue to review your settings.

Do you own Kindle books forever?

No, you do not own the Kindle books you purchased from Amazon. This means Apple can revoke that license at any time. Simply put, you have a license to view the content an unlimited number of times, but you do not own the content.

Can I buy a Kindle book for someone else?

You can use your Amazon account to purchase Kindle books and distribute them to others. … Go to the Buy for others box on the Kindle book’s product detail page. Select the button to proceed with the purchase.

How do I redeem a Kindle gift card?

Gift-card redemption links the funds to your account, enabling you to make purchases on the Kindle device or on the Amazon website.

  1. Find your gift card’s claim code. …
  2. Go to the “Your Account” page on Amazon.
  3. Click “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account.” Sign in to your account.

How much are books on a Kindle?

At $9.99 per month, Kindle Unlimited costs about $120 per year. E-books on Amazon can vary wildly in price, from $0.99 to hundreds of dollars.

Can you use a Kindle Fire gift card on Amazon?

In addition to Electronics, your gift card can be used to purchase other products on, but cannot be used to purchase other gift cards, or Kindle subscriptions such as magazines, newspapers, or blogs.

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Is sharing ebooks illegal?

Sharing books isn’t illegal, and neither is giving it to someone else. What is usually illegal however is making a copy of that book. As it is, you can’t pump a book through the internet without scanning it first, which would result in a copy, which is usually illegal.

How do I send an ebook to someone else?

Head to Amazon and find the Kindle version of the book you want to gift. Then click the “Give as Gift” button. You can choose to e-mail the e-book gift to the recipient with a future delivery date, or print out a voucher (which you can then place in a greeting card).

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