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What happens in chapter 5 of Touching Spirit Bear?

In the fifth chapter of Touching Spirit Bear, Cole gets cramps in his legs and decides he has to turn back to the island. He gets slammed into the rocks and then has to crawl back. He falls asleep from exhaustion and when he awakens, he finds himself laying in ashes. The only thing not burnt up is a knife and the At.

What is the lesson in Touching Spirit Bear?

Major themes such as violence, personal transformation, and isolation show up in the novel Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen. The story follows a young man named Cole Matthews who is subjected to physical abuse at home by his father, which results in him lashing out at others.

What does the stick symbolize in Touching Spirit Bear?

The stick in this book is a very important symbol that helped Cole learn about his anger. The stick represents two of your feelings. Happiness and anger. The right side of the stick is your happiness and the left is your anger.

Is the spirit bear real in Touching Spirit Bear?

Spirit Bears

” Now, spirit bears are a real species, also known as Kermode bear. As Edwin explains to Cole in the book, they are a special kind of American black bear.

Does Cole die in Touching Spirit Bear?

While he’s trying to figure out what to do next, Cole runs into Spirit Bear. Instead of respecting the creature, though, he tries to kill it and gets mauled pretty badly. Cole can feel life drifting away from him as he lies out in the open getting rained on and feeling himself grow weaker, but he refuses to die.

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What happened in Touching Spirit Bear?

Touching Spirit Bear ends with a scene where Cole and Peter have finally come together despite their past differences and have worked together to carve on Cole’s totem to represent his anger: When Garvey joined the boys, he stared down at the log and at what they had carved.

What is the theme of Ghost of Spirit Bear?

Overcoming Violence, Exploring Leadership, and Coming of Age! In the incredible novel Touching Spirit Bear, Cole spent a year on an Alaskan islan… see all. In the incredible novel Touching Spirit Bear, Cole spent a year on an Alaskan island making peace with himself and the student he beat up.

What is the main conflict in Touching Spirit Bear?

The primary conflict in Ben Mikaelsen’s Touching Spirit Bear is primarily an internal one. Cole Matthews is an angry young man. He grew up in a dysfunctional family; his mother is weak and timid and his father is aggressive and cruel.

What is the climax of Touching Spirit Bear?

The climax occurs when Cole is mauled by a bear. This is the point in a story when the conflict reaches critical level. Things seem to be at their worst. Cole is pushed to his limits.

What happens in chapter 23 of Touching Spirit Bear?

In this chapter of Touching Spirit Bear, Cole realizes how to become invisible. This is when he has his eureka moment. He knows what he has to do in order to see Spirit Bear again. Find out if he is successful in doing so.

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What happens in chapter 19 of Touching Spirit Bear?

It has only been two days, but in Chapter 19 of ”Touching Spirit Bear” Cole is fed up with soaking in ice cold baths, carrying rocks up hills, and being a ‘slave’ to Edwin and Garvey. But when he expresses his discontent and refusal to make dinner they tell him that in the morning he is going back to Minneapolis.

What happened in chapter 18 of Touching Spirit Bear?

In chapter 18 of Touching Spirit Bear, Cole starts building his cabin under the guidance of Garvey and Edwin. Cole is irritated that the men won’t help him build, but they simply tell him that this is his responsibility.

What level is touching spirit bear?

He will live either behind bars or in isolation for one year. Cole chooses Circle Justice. But in the first days of his banishment to a remote Alaskan island, he is mauled by a mysterious white bear and nearly dies.

By Ben Mikaelsen.Guided Reading LevelYLexile® Measure730LDRA Level60

Is Touching Spirit Bear a movie?

Good, very good movie. Its not the worst film ever made but its very preachy and after-school special like. One sided and fairly blatant in your face dialogue. I watched it assuming it was making a movie version of ‘Touching Spirit Bear’ which it clearly was not.

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