Elf on the shelf ebook

What does the Elf on the Shelf book say?

The book tells how the magic might disappear if the scout elf is touched, so the rule for The Elf on the Shelf states, “There’s only one rule that you have to follow, so I will come back and be here tomorrow: Please do not touch me.

How do you announce the elf on the shelf?

Elf on the Shelf Arrival Ideas

  1. Write a note to your kids from your elf. Explain in the letter why he/she is coming to their house and what he is going to do. …
  2. Read the Elf on the Shelf Book. …
  3. Explain the Elf Rules. …
  4. Have Elf on the Shelf bring the kids a gift!

Does the elf on the shelf leave notes?

Your Elf on the Shelf can leave notes apologizing for messes, organizing holiday activities, revealing clues for stuff she’s hidden, and monitoring children’s behavior. Such a fun way to create lasting holiday memories.

Do you read the elf on a shelf book first?

Purchase your Elf on the Shelf. … Best of all there is no right day to bring the elf on the shelf to your home. Once you decide on a date you should read the story to your children and then let the fun begin. The first night you read the book to your children and then the next morning the elf will have “arrived”.

Do the parents move the elf on the shelf?

If little ones find their Scout Elf sitting on something they need to use, like relaxing in their sink, lying on their bookbag or hanging on their clothes, then it is okay for parents to move the elf, so kids can complete their morning routine and elves can get back to their important job!

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What is a good age to start elf on the shelf?

Elf on a Shelf is officially created for kids between 36 months and 15 years. However, many kids as young as age 2 enjoy the holiday tradition, and many kids over age 10 begin to lose interest after they stop believing in Santa Claus.

How do I tell my kid about the elf on the shelf?

Be honest with your child.

Tell him/her that the Elf on the Shelf is something parents do to make the Christmas season a little more fun for kids, and you are sorry he/she is so smart to have figured it out too soon but Santa (or you) will be proud of him/her for letting siblings/friends continue believing in the elf.

What to do if you touch your elf on the shelf?

What To Do If Your Elf On The Shelf Is Touched, Because It’s Gonna Happen

  1. Write An Apology. …
  2. Sprinkle Some Cinnamon. …
  3. Sing A Christmas Carol. …
  4. Glitter It Up. …
  5. Send Them To The Elf Hospital. …
  6. Make Some Hot Cocoa. …
  7. Skip A Day. …
  8. Perform A Good Deed.

What do you do with Elf on a shelf?

17 Clever Things To Do With Your Elf On The Shelf

  • Have A Potato Sack Race With Friends. …
  • Help With Christmas Decorations. …
  • Roast Some ‘Mallows. …
  • Play With Woody (Who Also Comes To Life When Children Aren’t Around) …
  • Have A Snowball Fight With Mensch On A Bench. …
  • Zipline Across A Room. …
  • Put An End To The Singing Of, “Let It Go”
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Can Elf on the Shelf stay after Christmas?

According to the toy’s official website, Elf on the Shelf leaves on Christmas Eve to return to the North Pole. There, elves spend time with their friends, answer letters, and help make toys. … By playing along to the very last minute of the Christmas season, you can keep the holiday magic alive.

Can you wash elf on the shelf?

Place him in a lingerie bag and wash him on the gentle cycle in your washing machine. If you are not comfortable with this step, you can always opt for steps 1-3 and then finish off with a hand wash using Woolite or some other gentle detergent.

Can I buy just the elf on the shelf doll?

Not the Original Scout Elf

You can find Elf on the Shelf Doll only, but know this is not the true Scout Elf! In many cases you cannot even tell a difference. You can get this Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition (light boy scout elf) for just $9.99 (no longer available).

What do elf on the shelf do at night?

From baking up sweets to zipping through the air to the North Pole, watch to see all the fun things your family’s elf may be up to when you head to bed.

Are you supposed to cut Elf on the Shelf hands?

Some people don’t and some people do. The reason you would cut them would be to make your elf easier to position when placing him each night. I have also seen tutorials online that help teach you how to add wire to your EOTS’s arms and legs, so you can bend them in fun positions.

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