A bad case of stripes online ebook

What is the moral of A Bad Case of Stripes?

“A Bad Case of Stripes” is a story about how peer pressure literally can affect a person. … Also, the moral of the story about being yourself is greatly defined here when Camilla goes through more awkward transformations when she does not admit that she loves lima beans.

What grade level is a Bad Case of Stripes?

A Bad Case of StripesGuided Reading LevelPLexile® MeasureAD610LDRA Level38

How many pages does a Bad Case of Stripes have?


When was A Bad Case of Stripes published?

1998 г.

Who illustrated a Bad Case of Stripes?

David Shannon

Who are the characters in A Bad Case of Stripes?

The characters are: Camilla,the news,camilla’s dad,camilla’s mom,the old lady,the doctor and the kids. The setting is camilla’s school,camilla’s house and outside. The problem is camilla got a bad case of strips.

What genre is the book A Bad Case of Stripes?

FictionChildren’s literature

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