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What is a Chickabiddy in Walk Two Moons?

Gram and Gramps Hiddle are Sal’s grandparents. (Her father’s mother and father.) They call Sal their ‘Chickabiddy’. Both Gram and Gramps are kind and loving grandparents.

Who is the messenger in Walk Two Moons?

Mike the Lunatic in Walk Two Moons.

Does Sal’s mom die in Walk Two Moons?

Sal’s mother was killed in a bus crash, and Mrs. Cadaver was sitting next to her and was the only survivor of the crash.

Why did Sal’s mother leave in Walk Two Moons?

She decided to leave so that she could clear her mind and heart. “She needed to learn about what she was” (18.13). Sal’s mom didn’t even say goodbye to Sal, because saying goodbye to her was so hard.

Does gram die in Walk Two Moons?

When they arrive in Coeur D’Alene, Sal discovers that Gram has died. She finds Gramps, who has already arranged for Gram to be sent back to Kentucky, in a nearby motel.

What is Sal afraid of in Walk Two Moons?

She is scared of “lots and lots of things.” Sometimes she pretends to be brave when that is what people expect of her, even if she is scared to death. After her mother leaves her, Sal is afraid other people she cares about will leave also. Consequently, Sal doesn’t trust people easily.

Why won’t Phoebe eat any of the food at Mary Lou’s?

Why won’t Phoebe eat any of the food at Mary Lou’s? Phoebe says it is because of the cholesterol – it is very different than the food that Mrs. Winterbottom usually prepares for Phoebe. It may be that Phoebe is really missing her mother and her mother’s cooking and caring for the family.

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What happens to Sal every time someone touches her?

Then he accuses Sal of flinching whenever anyone touches her. He uses this as an excuse to hold her arm, and Sal works hard not to flinch at his touch. He then asks where her mother is, and touches her again, causing her to flinch.

What does Phoebe do in Walk Two Moons?

Phoebe Winterbottom

Sal’s best friend in Euclid, Ohio. Phoebe, who lives next door to Margaret Cadaver, is a high-strung girl obsessed with propriety and order. Phoebe lives within a sort of manufactured drama, in which she transforms every small insignificant event into a menacing portent.

Why does Sal’s mother kiss the tree?

Blackberries. Blackberries symbolize Sal’s mother. In Chapter 20 Sal describes watching her mother kiss a tree after eating the blackberries that grew wild on their Kentucky farm. … Winterbottom she is allergic, but in truth, she “could not admit that the sight of blackberries reminded [her] of [her] mother.”

What does Walk Two Moons mean?

Of course we come to learn the true meaning of the phrase, and we can guess that “two moons” means “two months.” Moons wax and wane just like human beings do. Usually we have one full moon every month, and so if we were going to walk for two moons, that probably means we’ll be walking for two months.

How did Mr cadaver die?

He tells Phoebe and Sal that Mr. Cadaver died in an accident; a drunk driver hit a car which Mr. Cadaver and his mother-in-law were in. … Coincidentally, Margaret, a nurse, was on duty at the hospital when her husband and mother were rushed in as casualties, and she witnessed her husband’s demise.

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How did the baby die in Walk Two Moons?

The doctor arrived too late: the umbilical cord had strangled the baby, and Sal’s mother was hemorrhaging badly. Both she and Sal ask to hold the dead baby, and her father tells the guilt- ridden Sal that carrying her to the house had not caused her mother to go into an early labor.

Who is Gloria in Walk Two Moons?

Gram says Gloria is a lot like Phoebe Winterbottom because she lived in a fantastic and fearful world of her own imagination. After Gram’s death, Gloria visits Gramps, but he talks the whole time about Gram, and Gloria leaves. John Hiddle is Sal’s father, Sugar’s husband, and the only surviving son of Gram and Gramps.

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