How to protect ebook from sharing

How do I protect my books from being copied?

To register a book or other creative work, simply go to, the website set up by the Library of Congress. There is an online portal to register copyrights for photographs, sculptures and written works. Fill out the form, pay the fee, and you are registered.

How do I lock my eBook?

Here are the 5 steps to protect your eBook before you consider publishing it.

  1. Converting files into PDF. Best practices must be put in place when publishing content. …
  2. Watermarking your eBooks. …
  3. Register your eBooks. …
  4. Publish an official copyright notice. …
  5. Acquiring DRM (Digital Rights Management) Software.

Can eBook be shared?

Good news, you don’t have to give up on ebooks. Unlike printed books, that may be passed around from friend to friend until the pages fall out of the binding, ebooks are digital files that have restrictions on whether and how they can be shared. … You may have lending options, depending on the ebook.

How do I make a DRM protected eBook?

The best way to add a DRM would be to use a dedicated document sharing platform. These platforms generally provide a selection of security and access tools which creates a nuisance for anyone trying to copy your ebook. A platform such as HelpRange provides you with a selection of tools to ensure your ebook is secured.

Can a publisher steal your book?

Firstly, reputable publishers and agents are not in the business of ‘stealing’ work. They are inundated with plenty of writers with plenty of ideas and if yours has potential then rest assured the agent or publisher will be interested in you and your work. … What you are able to copyright is ‘the expression of an idea’.

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Is selling EBooks profitable?

While selling e-books has the potential to be profitable, it’s not a business where you make hundreds of dollars per sale. To make money, you need to sustain high sales for months on end. Monitoring and processing these sales can be a time-consuming task unless you use tools to take care of some of the heavy lifting.

How long should your eBook be?

Ebook Word Count by Genre

A minimum count for a nonfiction ebook is about 10,000 words, as long as the content is solid. (Better to have solid, clear information than rambling to make a page count.) The average fiction book is about 80,000 to 100,000 words, which is about 246 to 307 ebook pages.

How can I publish my eBook for free?

5 Awesome Sites where you can Publish your eBook for Free

  1. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a free e-publishing site that allows you to publish your eBook without paying a single penny to the publisher. …
  2. BookRix. …
  3. Smashwords. …
  4. Apple eBook Store.

Is sharing ebooks illegal?

Sharing books isn’t illegal, and neither is giving it to someone else. What is usually illegal however is making a copy of that book. As it is, you can’t pump a book through the internet without scanning it first, which would result in a copy, which is usually illegal.

Can I share an ebook with my class?

Another way is to email the ebook file to all the members of the class or group as an attachment. Each student will then open the attachment and save it to his or her computer. Then the student can email the file to his or her Kindle device.

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Is reselling ebooks illegal?

Publishers all over Europe have been fighting Tom Kabinet since 2014 and the European Court of Justice has issued a ruling, reselling used ebooks is illegal. It is basically a violation of copyright law. … In exchange for the ebooks they receive credits, which they can exchange on the site for other e-books.

Should I choose DRM for my ebook?

Adding DRM to your ebook files is only hurting paying customers who actually bought your book. It will prevent them from reading the book on another device or in another format. … Until a day that a new technology comes out that can properly prevent piracy, it’s recommended that authors avoid putting DRM on their ebooks.

How do I know if my ebook is DRM protected?

Except Kindle books, most of online eBook are DRM protected by Adobe DRM. If you are not sure if the book is DRM protected or DRM free, you can search the word such as “Adobe”, “Adept” or “DRM” on the details page, if you find something about it, the book must be protected.

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