Ebook your cloud library

How do I read books from the cloud library?

how it works

  1. download the app. directly from the Apple App Store, Google Play or install the cloudLibrary App for Windows PC or Mac OS X.
  2. log into your library. select your state, library, and enter your library ID and PIN (if required). Click agree to terms and log in.
  3. browse, borrow and read. now you are ready to.

What eReaders are compatible with cloud library?

The cloudLibrary™ desktop app is compatible with most epub-compatible eReaders, including Kobo™ and NOOK™.

Does Cloud Library have audiobooks?

Cloud Library is the home of the Society Library’s circulating e-book collection and a collection of downloadable audiobooks. The Cloud Library enables members to browse, borrow, and read a collection of titles selected by Library staff.

How do I download books from cloud library?

When you connect it and go to the ‘My Books’ tab in the cloudLibrary App, you will see a green button appear on each book you have checked out that says ‘Download to Device’. Click this green button to transfer a copy of the book to your e-reader.

How do I read my cloud library books on my Kindle?

How to read Kindle Books with Kindle Cloud Reader

  1. Borrow a book and send it to your Amazon account.
  2. Go to read.amazon.com to open Kindle Cloud Reader. You may need to sign in with your Amazon account.
  3. Your Kindle Library is displayed on the main page. Select a book to start reading.

Why is cloud library offline?

Offline message:

Go to Settings on your device and make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on and that you are connected to the correct Wi-Fi network for your location. If your device is connected and you can browse the internet or connect via other apps, try uninstalling and reinstalling the cloudLibrary app.

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How do I connect my cloud library?

First-time setup

  1. Install the cloudLibrary app. Download the app from the App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android) or yourcloudlibrary.com (Kindle Fire).
  2. Connect to your library. In the cloudLibrary app, select your language, country, state, and library. …
  3. Turn on holds notifications.

How do I transfer books from my cloud library to my Kobo?

Yes, cloudLibrary eBooks can be downloaded to Kobo and Nook eReaders. Older Nook tablets (Nook Color, Tablet, and HD) cannot access the CL app any longer and must be used like eReaders to get CL eBooks. Install the CL App: go to cloudLibrary’s site, select the Get the App button, then select Windows or Mac.

Why can’t I log into cloud library?

The most frequent reasons are… You must use your BCPL library card number (barcode) with no spaces or dashes, and you must enter your library account password/pin in order to log in. User names are not accepted for Cloud Library login.

How do I renew a book on cloud library?

Sign into your Account on your library’s OverDrive website. On your Checkouts page, select the Renew link next to the title you’d like to renew. Note: This link will appear three days before the title is supposed to expire. Enter and confirm your email address in the renewal form, then select Renew.

Where do I find my library on my phone?

After you start the Play Music app o your Android, you see a screen similar to the one shown here. To view your music library, choose My Library from the navigation drawer. Your music library appears on the main Play Music screen.

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What is 3m Cloud Library?

Everyone. A must-have app for library users! Easily borrow physical items using your mobile device, receive reminders, manage receipts and discover new digital content all within the cloudLibrary app! Extremely intuitive, all it takes is a library card to login and get started!

Can I download library books directly to my Kobo?

You can borrow eBooks from most public libraries and read them on your Kobo eReader. Most public libraries use a service called OverDrive to catalogue and manage eBooks. … You’ll need to copy this license file to your eReader using a free software called Adobe Digital Editions.

How do I move books from cloud library to kindle?

Go to the website of your local public library and search for “Kindle books” or “eBooks.” At checkout, sign in to your Amazon account and select the device to which you want to send the book. Connect your device to Wi-Fi and download to the title from the Archived Items or Cloud.

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