Does launchpad include ebook

What is a LaunchPad for books?

WHAT IS LAUNCHPAD AND HOW CAN IT HELP ME? LaunchPad combines an interactive e-book with high-quality multimedia content and ready-made assessment options, including LearningCurve, our adaptive quizzing resource, to engage your students and develop their understanding.

How do I read an ebook on saplings?

Once your purchase has been confirmed you will be able to access your ebook from your ‘My Ebooks’ section on your MIHE account area.

Is Macmillan learning free?

Giving students 21 days of free access to a course opens up many more opportunities for instructors to demonstrate the efficacy of online materials despite student hesitations. LaunchPad’s temporary access is the solution to many common technology buy-in problems: Activation Code Mistakes.

How do I check my grades on LaunchPad?

On the main screen, you will notice under the menu column on the left-hand side, there is a button named “Gradebook” – clicking on this will take you to a table that lists the current scores for every student in your course. The below screenshot is what appears after clicking the “Gradebook” button.

How much does launchpad cost?

Compare with similar itemsThis item Novation Launchpad Pro 64 Pad Grid Performance Instrument for AbletonNovation Launchpad X Grid Controller for Ableton LiveAdd to CartAdd to CartCustomer Rating4.4 out of 5 stars (2448)4.7 out of 5 stars (542)Price$24998$19999ShippingFREE Shipping. DetailsFREE Shipping. DetailsЕщё 4 строки

Should I buy a loose leaf textbook?

Loose leaf editions have their advantages and disadvantages comparing to other editions, and you might want to consider them before purchasing such book: Pros: 1. They are usually cheaper than hardcovers, and no wonder: a simple stack of paper is much easier to produce.

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Does Sapling Learning have an app?

The free Sapling App makes it easy for students to manage their course work more effectively and gives instructors the ability to manage classwide and individual due dates on the go. … Simply download the app and log in with your existing Sapling Learning username and password.

What is the meaning of sapling?

1 : a young tree specifically : one not over four inches (about 10 centimeters) in diameter at breast height.

How big is a sapling?

1 to 5 inches

How do I log into Launchpad?

Enter the Launchpad profile URL – If you’re not already logged into Launchpad, it’ll ask you to enter your username and password. Once you’re successfully logged into Launchpad, it’ll return you to the site you want to use.

Where is Macmillan learning located?


How do I create a launchpad account?

Creating an account

To create a new Launchpad account, visit the account sign-up page. All you need is an email address that Launchpad can use to contact you. A few things to note: Confirmation email: If you don’t receive a confirmation email from Launchpad it may have been incorrectly trapped by a spam filter.11 мая 2017 г.

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