By the great horn spoon ebook

Is By the Great Horn Spoon a true story?

By The Great Horn Spoon is a children’s novel by Sid Fleischman, published in 1963. The story takes place in the California Gold Rush. A twelve-year-old boy named Jack, who has lived with his Aunt Arabella since his parents died, heads to California to search for gold after Aunt Arabella loses all her money.

What does the Great Horn Spoon mean?

1 : a spoon made of horn —used chiefly interjectionally in the phrase by the great horn spooncookies, by the great horn spoon— Hamlin Garland. 2 or less commonly horn : a small receptacle like a trough made from a section of cow horn and used for careful washing tests in gold mining.

How old is praiseworthy in by the Great Horn Spoon?

12-year old

How many chapters does By the Great Horn Spoon have?

18 chapters

What is a horn spoon used for?

A troughlike section cut from a cow horn and scraped thin; used for washing auriferous gravel and pulp when exacting tests are to be performed.

Why do Jack and praiseworthy become stowaways?

Not exactly a warm welcome! Jack and Praiseworthy explain that a thief stole their money for their ticket, and that they think the thief may be aboard. Because the captain doesn’t have time to waste, he puts the stowaways in the coal bunker making steam, and deals with the thief later.

What ocean did the lady Wilma reach after their trip around the horn?

Pacific Ocean

What genre is by the great horn spoon?

Children’s literature

Why does Jack want to go to the gold fields and strike it rich?

Q. Why does Jack want to go to the gold fields and strike it rich? To save Aunt Arabella’s home and help his family. To run away from home because he hates it in Boston.

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Who wrote the Great Horn Spoon?

Sid Fleischman

Where does good luck the pig hide?

Chapter 4: Pig Hunt

Jack first hides Good Luck in the captain’s quarters and falls asleep under the captain’s bed, and Good Luck almost wakes the captain up!

What happened as Jack and praiseworthy dug a grave for cut eye?

What happened as Jack and Praiseworthy dug a grave for Cut-Eye? They found the map. They struck gold.

Why did Captain Swain help the square rigger?

Captain Swain knew that if he did tow the square-rigger it would slow the Lady Wilma down and they would be farther behind in the race. He still agreed to help and hooked the square-rigger up to his ship to tow it.

Why did the square rigger need to be towed?

Why did the square-rigger need to be towed? It had a hole in the bottom of the boat. It ran out of gas.

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