Myisha Cherry

Myisha is an academic who believes in public philosophy. Her research interests are in moral psychology where she studies emotions, character, & attitudes. She finds it interesting to see how moral psychology intersects with race and gender. In her spare time she posts pictures of raw gourmet food on Instagram and also works out, but is too afraid to post those pictures on social media. Must be pride and fear at work. Time to write about that! Find more information about Myisha on her website or on Facebook.

Annaleigh Curtis

Annaleigh is a philosopher and law student. She earned her PhD at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and currently resides in lovely Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she attends Harvard Law School. Her research is at the intersections of epistemology, ethics, and social philosophy, with a particular focus on law and the legal system. She likes scotch, the Boston Bruins, witty comedies with a strong female lead, and being vegan.

LiJia Gong

LiJia came to feminism by way of Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own, a text she found particularly resonant at age seventeen. Her academic interest in feminism continued into her undergraduate studies and her time at lawyer school (both at Georgetown University). She is currently living in New York and works in the legal profession. She is interested in the intersections of gender and labor, feminism on the internet, Asian American identities, among many other things. She met Serene at a party, and they hit it off having an “intense” conversation about feminism right away, which is typical.

Aimi Hamraie

Aimi Hamraie is Assistant Professor of Medicine, Health, & Society at Vanderbilt University, where they study and teach about disability, design, and technoscience. Aimi is also interested in disability justice, critical design and making, and collective access. Twitter: @aimihamraie

Tim R Johnston

Tim received his PhD in philosophy from Stony Brook University. His academic research focuses on feminist and queer theory, contemporary French philosophy (specifically Bergson), LGBT aging, and care ethics. He currently works as an LGBT cultural competency trainer and curriculum designer. He lectures and leads workshops nationally on a variety of issues impacting the LGBT community, including aging, dementia, bullying, and access to affirming care. All opinions are his own.

Serene Khader

Serene loves explaining why things are problematic but hates the word. She is a philosopher and activist based in Brooklyn, NY. These days, she is especially interested in transnational feminisms, mass incarceration, pop culture, and reproductive justice. When not thinking earnest thoughts about how to make the world better, she can be found waiting for the next issue of Vogue to arrive, telling her friends how much she loves them, or picking up heavy things and putting them down again.

Rachel Ann McKinney

Rachel is a PhD student in philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center. She works on philosophy of language, epistemology, and feminist philosophy. Outside of school she enjoys running, tarot, and the beautiful borough of Brooklyn. You can keep up with her at

SA Smythe

Black British dandy SA Smythe is the greatest admirer of Dame Angela Lansbury that ever was. SA is a PhD Candidate in History of Consciousness with designated emphases in Feminist Studies and Literature. A resident of the Bay Area, they can be found riding along the Pacific coast on trusty bicycle, Ida B. Wheels, or at home knitting and watching a “Murder, She Wrote” marathon with feline companion and fellow Virgo, Winslow.

Daniel Susser

Daniel is a philosopher and tech nerd. His research and teaching focus on the ethics and politics of information technology, and his current projects deal with privacy, big data, and online identity. He lives in a small Brooklyn apartment with his partner, their two cats Sacco and Simone, and a little French Bulldog named Bette Midler. He vacuums constantly and swears it doesn’t smell. He tweets occasionally.

Emma Velez

Emma Velez is a PhD student in philosophy at Stony Brook University. As a Chicana Okie, it is her intention to bring the diversity of her lived experience to her philosophical and political work. 

Her interests include social and political philosophy, feminist theory, and critical theory. Her current research is centered on exploring these areas in conjunction with an examination of the philosophical and political implications of our use of social media. For updates you can follow her on Twitter @EmmaDVelez.