The Second Shift is a group of thinkers working to bring academic feminist analysis into conversation with politics and pop culture. We think that some of the best intellectual work gets done over happy hour margaritas, rather than in seminar rooms and academic conferences, and that the best way to broaden those conversations is to have them online. We are a diverse group interested in a wide-ranging set of issues and our blog reflects that.

What we share is a commitment to feminist politics, which for us means a commitment to ending sexism, racism, homophobia and transphobia, ableism, economic exploitation, and all other forms of oppression. It means acknowledging that these forms of oppression intersect. And it means recognizing that the rigorous and nuanced debate necessary for social and political transformation happens both inside and outside universities.

We strive for quality over quantity. And while we hope to show up all over your Facebook and Twitter feeds, we don’t write out of a desire for page views. That means we might not have something to say about every single issue that arises. Our goal is rather to offer thoughtful comments, complaints, and analysis about some of the things that strike our nerves.

Site Art

Our header art is Audrey Flack’s (1974) Chanel, used gratefully with permission from the artist.