Black Woman Does It All, Is Republican

If you’re at all aware of domestic American politics, you’ve probably been a little concerned with the perception that the Republican party doesn’t care about about black people, poor people, immigrants, indigenous people, women, children, trans* people, people with disabilities, people who are not corporations, people who are not unborn, or…well anyone except the old white men who are overwhelming represented in government, as well as the equally white men who tend to fund their campaigns.

Well, fret no more! With a step in the right direction for the Republican Party, The Daily Banter has been keeping tabs on the whereabouts of Republicans’ Black Lady Friend.

You won’t believe what her days are like. Fashion maven, attorney-at-law, office assistant…Seriously, how does she do it all? While not being BeyoncĂ©?! It’s ludicrous to think, but we might have to chalk it up to unbridled faith in a Republican-led America. And you can, too.

2 Responses to “Black Woman Does It All, Is Republican”

  1. Serene

    All those jobs! Such a great example of pulling oneself up by one’s own bootstraps!


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